Pocahontas Kowalsky

Pocahontas Kowalsky

Mittwoch, 18. Oktober 2017

.. wanna tell you a secret ..

Hello everyone,

here i am again with an awesome look with Hypnose, Sintiklia, Egozy and Slackgirl with Luminesse.
this beautiful hair is from sintiklia and it is an gacha . in the pack from baby girl gacha are 2 styles . kaitlin and kailin .. i am wesring here Kaitlin with my favorite brown hair from one of the 10 color huds. each hairstyle has its own styler hud and you can choose from 4 different styles. you can find this mega gacha pakc at the new round from Epiphany. so go and spin, spin, spin. :)

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this awesome skin is from the great egozy store. the skin is called Irina and is an Lelutka Skin around Spencer Mesh head, but i used this skin in tone fair on my lelutka simone head. Irina is made in all known egozy skintones and with each make up and lipstick inside, which i am also wearing in my picture. if you get Irina, you will also found an shape inside your pack. This skin is worth to demo on Egozy Mainstore. 


Hypnose is one of my new sponsors which i really love. awesome, sexy and fitted Mesh with beautiful textures. i love it. 
i wearing here the new set called VANILLE and this set have an all color hud inside, which means, you can choose your color like you want to. Vanille are made for Belleza, Slink and Maitreya and all are fit the bodies perfect. 
you can find Vanilla in Hypnose´s Mainstore. Please Demo it .. 

!!! THX !!! ♥ HYPNOSE ♥ Mainstore Marketplace FacebookFlickr

This choker will be found on the running @ Swank event on the Luminesse booth and it is called lexi. This Chocker comes with earings and in two colors. they are resizeable. so go ahead the luminesse booth and grab yours on @ Swank

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Slackgirl is an worcoholic i think. she made again awesome nails for the limit 8 round and they are come as always with an color hud and for tutys, maitreya, slink, vista and tonic bento mesh hands. 

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thanks for your time to read my blogpost <3
until next time..


.. wanna tell you a secret..

.. you dont know me - so dont judge me ..

Hi there..

today i wanna show you the new skin from Session skins . it´s called June. It is an Catwa Applier and i am show it in tone01. in the skin applier are 3 browoptions, freckles and moles options and 4 eyeshadow options with also 6 lipstick appliers. you can find june in the session mainstore.

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my hair i am wearing here is from elua and is called lexie. i got them from the pocket gacha and got the pastell hud. i love this hair. the texture is amazing. lexie is unrigged, so you can resize them.


those earrings are from the nani set from meva. This Set is rigged for Maitreya and it comes with Bangles, Earrings, Necklace and Rings. After it was on Cosmopolitan Event, you can find it now on Mevas Mainstore.

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so thanks for reading and happy shopping . until naxt time.. 


.. you dont know me - so dont judge me ..

Dienstag, 17. Oktober 2017

.. Romatic Garden ..

Hi there :))

today i have an beautiful set from Hypnose for you. it is full mesh and complete tintable and you can make it tranpsparent, if you want to. it is fitted for Slink, Maitreya and Belleza and it is for classic avatars. this Set is called Tiffany and it is an Mainstore Release. Please try an Demo before.

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My awesome looking Head is the LULU Motion Capture Head from LAQ and it is really beautiful. Great bright and and big Eyes, with an spicy Chin.. Lulu is like the other Heads an Bento Mesh Head and it cost 5000L. The Demo is full wearable to test all the features it comes with.
Try Lulu on LAQ Mainstore.

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This Skin on Lulu is even from LAQ and it called Apple. Apple is an beautiful skin and it comes in 7 Skintones. This Skin comes as an Omega Applier, so that means, all Omega compatible Heads can wear this .. but is is made for an LAQ Head. There is also an Make Up applier for this Skin made by LAQ. Apple Skin is available at the LAQ Mainstore . So go on and demo it.

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my beautiful hair, janni, is from emo-tions and it is for the running round of cosmopolitan. it comes in 5 hair color huds. it is a longer fallen hair in the back , with nice waves in the front. after the cosmo round, janni will be found in the emo-tions mainstore.

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this nice looking necklace is from supernatural and will be found on the running round from cosmopolitan too. it called kayla and will be available in silver and gold with gems colorhud in each pack. ech necklace can be worn for itself. you dont have to wear all of them, if you wont.

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I love this outfit. with this set from Hypnose .. he hair and the head with that skin.. it´s awesome..
happy shopping.. :)

LoVe .. POCA

.. Romantic Garden ..

Samstag, 14. Oktober 2017

.. Behind the Curtains ..

hello together..

Today i wanna show you an amazing Lingerie from hypnose and some hair from Sintiklia, with an skin from 7 Deadly Skins, as also the bautiful head from akeruka with awesome shoes from slackgirl.

the lingerie from hypnose called Phoebe and it is really sexy. it comes for Slink Physique / Slink Hourglass, Belleza Venus / Isis / Freya, Maitreya Lara and its fitted. You get the lingerie with string and an hud, to choose all colors you want to wear. you can find this awesome lingerie set in the Mainstore from HYPNOSE.

!!! THX !!! ♥ HYPNOSE ♥ Mainstore Marketplace Facebook Flickr

My Skin is from 7 Deadly S{k}ins and is called AMIE and it is an omega applier, passed on lelutkas heads. i am wearing tone caramel with head and body applier on my akeruka Head Kumiko. you should find amie in he mainstore from 7 Deadly S{k}ins.

!!! THX !!! ♥ 7 DS ♥ Mainstore - Flickr - Marketplace

My hair is from Sintiklia and it is called Peony and will be found on hairology event. it comes in 10 color packs and an styler hud, where you can change your style. peony has 3 bangs in her pack and all are resizeable.

after the hairology event, you can find Peony on Sintiklias Mainstore.

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the shoes i am wearing here is from slackgirl an will be found on Trunk Show Event. they are for maitreya, belleza and slink and comes with an hud, to choose the colors from. after the event, you can find the shoes in slackgirls mainstore,

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this nice spider necklace, called itsy bitsy spider necklace is from !IT! and is for the running twe12ve round. it coes with 6 color huds and is resizeable.

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I am a little bit sick atm, so i think, next days i will be not able to blog soooo good as known :(

Love - POCA♥