°° Poca as Manager °°

In my beginning as blogger, i have had two stores, i am still working with, who wants me as their manager. I was very pleased and honored to work with them until today.

In the meantime i have the luck to work with some other stores too.

Here are my task i am doing for my Brands:

- build an blogger team ( if its not exsist )
- keep an blooger team active ( communicate is the key)
- control blogger in their work (logo on blog, credits right, pictures acceptable and so on)
- comment and share bloggers work in social media plattforms ( flickr/Facebook)
- Blogotex is a well known system for me as Manager (and blogger as well)
- contact with my bloggers all the time, if they need me in help ( i guide them in good credits, pics build and so on if needed)
- i highly need good contact to my brands owner/creators, because of a good understanding and well working blogger team

I always try to be reliable and friendly.

If you are interested in me as your BloggerManager, let me know and contact me inworld: pocahontaskowalsky resident.

Heartly greetings:


Pocahontas Kowalsky

Here are my current Brands i am working with:

Hilly Haalan